Welcome to Jollybunny.com

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Who we are?

Jolly Bunny is a young brand that makes nice and really comfortable clothes for kids and adults. Our aim is to combine fashion and comfort in our clothes. We want to produce clothes that make our customers feel so comfortable and confident in that they want to wear them every day.

We started our production by launching a Bunny slippers collection. We wanted to design slippers that people are not ashamed to wear. Slippers that make you smile every time you wear them; slippers that remind us a bit of our childhood and of those happy days when we were kids. It is our attempt to stage a rebellion against everyday dullness and routine. Believe us, even such a small piece of clothing as slippers can make you smile and feel awesome.


Bunny slippers by Jolly Bunny are funny, cozy and unbelievably warm.

They are made of fleece. It is a soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable fabric. Fleece is hydrophobic, holding less than 1% of its weight in water, it retains much of its insulating powers even when wet, and it is highly breathable. Perspiration is able to readily pass through the fabric. It is also a good alternative to wool which is very important for those who are allergic or sensitive to it. This fabric is widely used for making children cloth. Our Bunny slippers are machine washable and dry quickly. We make slippers of different sizes and colors. Now the project is being displayed on the Kickstarter fundraiser that will directly support the product development and manufacturing. The funds will be used to pay for the materials, equipment, design time, and shipping costs to customers. If the funding campaign proves successful we will be able to start big manufacturing. We really would appreciate your support on this project. We believe that we are bringing something that’s fresh to your shelves and Bunny slippers by Jolly Bunny will be loved by kids as well as adults worldwide.